Monday, March 23, 2009

My new digs

I am staying with my grammy and grampy in Illinois for a month or so while Daddy is in Greece. I have a cat here named Toby and my cousin Bailey.  We all go exploring together.

I like to jump back and forth over the creek. I have fallen in a few times and had to be given a bath to get the dirty water off, but it is fun and well worth it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm still alive!

Dear friends and family,
I appologize for not updating my blog more often. Please continue reading for justification as to why I have disappointed you. I have been very very busy around the house. I have been helping Daddy with all sorts of things, a little pre-spring cleaning if you will . I like helping Daddy and he tells me I am such a good little helper. We polished all of his shoes and some of Mommy's too.

I am so proud of all of my final products.

We also shaved some fuzz off of Daddy's sweaters. I am not so sure about the clothes shaver though. It is like a miniature vacuum.

Our biggest project was hanging a bunch of picture frames on the wall. Lots of them are empty for now and being reserved for yours truly as I grow older and wiser. I tried to help Daddy with the anchors but accidentally chewed some of them up.

As you can imagine, I am pooped after all of the hard work we've been doing.
In other news, I have been diagnosed with a hernia. Mommy thinks that it is a sports hernia because I am so athletic. It does not bother me too much now, but dingos and empty plastic containers are welcomed and encouraged.