Thursday, August 30, 2012

Settling in

 The past month or so I have been busy getting settled in to my new digs. I think this is where I am staying. I like it okay but my nose is always kinda dry. There are lots of new sniffs though and mommy and I have been going on semi-regular walksters so that is always nice. The weather has been pretty decent as well. Here I am enjoying a nice day on my back patio.

Daddy was gone for a very long time. Mommy told me he would be home but I started not to believe her. I was so excited when he got back. Things are getting back to normal now.

Both of my Grams came to visit while Daddy was gone. We had so much fun, I don't know why they didn't stay. We also got a lot done around the house (I don't like painting). Here's my nice new water feature for my backyard.

Here is my nice new couch from Frontgate. Daddy promised me I could get a new one when we got the new house. It is really comfy and matches the decor. I even have a bone pillow with my name on it. Sometimes I prefer Mommy and Daddy's new couch now though. It's up high so I can keep an eye on everything.

One more thing... Mommy's lap has been getting smaller and smaller lately. I don't know if I should say something or not. I mean I like to eat too but it's getting a little out of hand when I can't even sit on it for her to pet me. I don't want to hurt her feelings though. What's a puppy to do?