Saturday, May 31, 2008

My first vacation

Boy, I've had a big weekend and it's only Saturday! I got to stay at my Grammy's house yesterday with my Aunt Dixie. Mommy had to go to a concert and was more than happy to have a babysitter for the evening. I really liked Dixie. We played some and I can run under her which really throws her for a loop. She got angry a couple times and growled at me when I got too close and she was eating, but I was just trying to play!

It has been very hot here so I have been drinking alot of water which also means that I tinkle more. I see no problem with this but mommy and grammy get angry when I don't tinkle outside. I don't understand why! I have also been eating alot lately. I got to try some new food (Royal Canine) at grammy's. It was high-end PetsMart food which I scarfed down. It was so yummy, much better than my WalMart puppy chow!

Mommy just brought me back home and now I am resting up for daddy to come home tonight. She bought me a new t-shirt. It is an extra small but I still need to grow into it. Daddy doesn't know about the new t-shirt but I really like it! It's gonna look good when I get bigger.

One more thing, I am so scared of the evil machine mommy tells me is the vacuum. She was running it around the house yesterday and couldn't find me after. I had sought refuge behind the shredder in the corner of the office and refused to come out.

That's all for now. I'll leave you with this cute picture of yours truly.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Hi friends and family,
My mommy is helping me create this blog so that you will know what is going on in my life. It might become routine in the near future but right now everything is new and exciting and there is alot to tell you about! I am growing every day and becoming quite the little pistol. Right now, I like to chew on anything I can get my paws on and do businesses in the house so mommy has to clean them up. I hope that you will check my page often as we will update it with new messages and photographs of me being cute and fun, of course. For now we will post some pictures of me from yesterday.

Daddy is away at a conference so I helped mommy in the garden. She watered the flowers and I explored the front yard. I found a really big weed and pointed it out! She pulled it for me because it was almost as big as I am and I couldn't get it out.

I was really fascinated with the wind up long green snake-looking thing that spits out water. I tried to attack it as Mommy was reeling it in.

It was a big day. We worked outside then Mommy left me again to run errands for a couple of hours. When she got home I was exhausted. I like to sleep in the evenings so that I can keep her up throughout the night. I am afraid of the dark right now and I don't like to be left alone in my kennel!