Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 Update

Happy new year to all of my readers! I have been busy enjoying the holiday break. I put on some pounds over the holidays beacuse of all the good food but I don't mind. In fact, my new years resolution is to gain some more weight cause that means I am eating really yummy food. Yesterday we made cookies and I got to lick the bowl!

This is my new toy that I got for Christmas. It may be my new favorite because a) it squeaks b) it crinkles even when I'm not squeaking it and c) it's red, my favorite color. I prefer red toys because I think I am color blind and cannot find some of the others.

I forgot to post this picture from Christmas last time. Mommy took it when she came to get in bed one night at Gram's house and there was nowhere to go. I told her she could sleep on the floor or at the foot of the bed like I usually do. Daddy and I were snoozing really well.