Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dog days

It has been very hot here at home lately so I have gone swimming at Grammy's a few times. Sunday was Fathers Day so I brought Daddy with me to swim. I really like when I get to see Grammy, Grampy, and Dixie. Sometimes I invite them to swim with me too.

Mommy and Grammy brought me back a souvenir from San Francisco. It is an Alcatraz Swim Team t-shirt. It suits me nicely, don't you think?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New house

Hello friends,
I apologize for the delay of my blogging. I have been very busy building myself a new house. It takes a long time when you don't have an opposing thumb. I think my final product turned out very well; I'll let you be the judge. Please excuse me for it has not yet been furnished. I am going to work on the interior next.

As you can see, I matched the exterior paint and shingles to match daddy's house. I will still spend most of my time in my other house (daddy calls it his house but we all know it belongs to me since I spend the most time there) but this will be my little outdoor cabana when the weather is nice. I can stay out here and listen to the neighborhood sounds and play with bugs.