Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tiny swimmer

Yesterday was a big day. I spent the night at mommy's house then we went to the trails at Lake Hefner Saturday morning. I got to meet some little people, sniff a couple of other dogs, and see alot of ducks. I am generally afraid of most everything and everyone, but I growl so that I look tough.

My long walk wore me slick. I slept in the car on the way home. My mouth is open panting in this picture.

After a quick nap it was off to grammy's house for a dip in the pool. This was my first swim lesson from mommy. I am a natural; look at me go!

I got tired so I just hung out and laid on the raft for awhile.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Guard dog

Mommy and I read a book outside on the patio this afternoon. Some of the construction workers behind the house were worrying me so I barked at them. That'll show em! Be sure to turn up the volume so I'll sound extra scary.

I am so tough that when mommy was playing this video on the computer, I hid under the couch.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Daddy's day

Yesterday was father's day. Daddy is out of town, so mommy and I went to celebrate with her family. I got to spend quality time with grampa plus I got to meet my great grandparents! Everyone loves me (obivously!) and I got lots of attention all day. I also got to play with my aunt Dixie. Even though she seems annoyed in this picture, we have fun.

I am a little weary about new people. Sometimes I growl and woof at them. I am starting to learn full blown barks too. It is very high pitched and not at all ferocious but I'm working on it. All of the festivities wore me out. I slept the whole car ride home.

I will post this picture of me with my daddy since he is not here. He is having a great time with his friends, but mommy and I miss him.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The great outdoors

Mommy and daddy finished moving the fence! Daddy rented a post hole digger from Home Depot. They worked out in the yard all weekend. I got to be outside for part of it so that was fun but then sometimes they put me away in my play pen or my bed which I do not like.

Grammy got me a new toy, mini tennis balls. Although I have a short attention span, it has been fun a few times. Every time I brought the ball back to mommy she told me what a good girl I am so I like that. Here is an action shot of me getting the tennis ball.

The yard has gotten very muddy so daddy had to wash my paws off in the sink today. My aunt Dixie told me that having your paws cleaned is torturous so I squirmed the whole time.

Working out in the yard makes mommy and I tired. We like to nap together.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Little helper

Daddy has been outside working in the yard all weekend. Sometimes I like to help. Our hibiscus is not doing so well because mommy accidentally over-watered it. We have been trying to revive it by drying it out and putting it in the sun.

Here I am helping to take out the trash. Daddy was throwing away dead leaves which I don't understand. They are so much fun!

I also helped clean the post hole digger. The hose fascinates me.

All the work in the yard has been making me very sleepy! I like to take short naps. I have been doing better about sleeping at night, but I still like to wake up at 6am and try to wake mommy and daddy up then too! My ear in this picture is what my mommy and my aunt Erin termed "captain aye-aye."

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life is fun

I have way too much energy. Daddy has been taking me on walks to wear me out a little bit and in hopes that I will learn how to do a business, but to no avail. I still run around like a chicken with my head cut off and do all my poos and tinkles in the house, on the carpet when I can.

I have also recently discovered how much fun the backyard can be. I took a Sunday afternoon bask in the sun this past weekend. Unfortunately I got a couple of spider bites on my belly. Like my mommy, I hate spiders!

Daddy got his new patio put in yesterday. I got to leave a permanent mark in the concrete. It was a little too firm though and he pressed my paw down into it really hard and I squealed at him.

Here is the final product. It is a little bit difficult to see because it is still drying so it's spotty. But it will look good once the cement dries! I didn't see anyone else other than me getting their paws and initials permanently etched in stone. I suppose I am just that important!