Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween to all my friends and family! Here is a preview of my costume for tonight especially for my avid readers. I'm going to be a skunk!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Here is what my life is like on the weekends. I don't like the weekdays because I am cooped up in my pen all day while daddy is at work. But the weekends are a whole different story! Mommy comes home on friday and we play and wait for daddy to get home. Then I get to hang out with them all night. On Saturday morning, I get up and go outside for my tinkle then play with daddy. Here we are playing one of my favorite games. Look how ferocious I look (even with my sweater on).

Then during the day, mommy and daddy usually study and work. I like to help daddy write papers and make presentations.

On Sunday mornings, I usually get up then get back in be with mommy. We laze around for awhile then get up and have some coffee and breakfast. I like when they make bacon.

Then mommy and I usually watch some football and daddy works and cleans. I haven't worn my Cowboys gear the last couple games which is why they have been sucking so badly. I will wear it this weekend and maybe they can pull a W against the Bucs.

Monday, October 6, 2008


I had to get surgery last week to have my female parts taken out. I also had a set of shots, a chip put in my back, and 7 teeth pulled! Here's the scar and my shaved belly. I was at the hospital all day before daddy rescued me. I growled at all of the people there. I also got weighed and came in at an astounding 5.3 lbs.

Before you feel too sorry for me, I have been completely unphased. Mommy and daddy think that I lack pain receptors because it did not slow me down one iota. The doctor told me to eat soft canned food for a few days, but I decided I was good enough to chew my bone. You can also see my shaved arm for my IV.

On Sunday, I wore my new Cowboys bandana and cheered them to victory. It must be the new good luck charm.