Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bonus Video

Here's a video of me doing my tricks, for those of you that didn't get to witness my skills. I am working on them and improving every day. Sometimes I just like to do everything I know in a row to make sure I cover the command and get my treat. Mommy just got a new video camera so we will continue to post new tricks as I learn them.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My First Christmas

I am currently recovering from my first ever Christmas Extravaganza. I spent a week in Illinois with daddy's family. Then we all drove back to Oklahoma to spend the holidays with mommy's family too. So it was a lot of good quality time with the family for me. There are a few members of my extended family on both sides that I am just not so sure about yet. However, I was a very good girl and tried to keep my barking and growling to a minimum so as to not scare everyone. Here we are on Christmas night before dinner.

My aunt Erin kept trying to make friends with me. As I said, I am very skeptical. She tried to reach into my bed so I snapped at her. But we were friends by the end of the night. She and mommy made me put on a silly Christmas hat, too.

Then grampy made me ride on the swing. Aunt Dixie had warned me about the swing, but this was my first experience. It squeaked, but I trust my grampy.

Here is a picture of our stockings. I don't know why mine is so small. Santa would be able to put a lot more dingos in a bigger one like mommy and daddys.

I had a very good Christmas and I'm already excited for next Christmas. I got a plethora of dingo products, a new Juicy Couture hoodie, and a fleece-lined raincoat from aunt Erin. Grammy got me a new toy, which has replaced my squirrel as my favorite... my pheasant (pictured). I will post pictures from daddy's house later next week so be sure to check back!

Monday, December 1, 2008


I just got home from staying at grammy's house for a few days. I think I overstayed my welcome. Dixie and I wore eachother out. In a rare moment, we were both caught relaxing on the couch. This must have been after Thanksgiving dinner.

I still love my grammy even though she is the business nazi and made me go outside to freeze my tinkler off in the cold every hour.

Aunt Dixie was nice enough to give me a couple of hand me downs. I got this nice OU fleece pullover (it doesn't fit her anymore). I wore it for bedlam and look what happened. And best of all, I got her squirrel! It is my new favorite toy. All in all, it was a good Thanksgiving break. I missed daddy, but I got spoiled at grammy's and got a dingo every day!