Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's still here

I guess I should say "she's" still here but I still am not quite sure what she is. Mommy and Daddy call her my little sister but clearly we are not related (she is quite strange looking if you ask me). I am starting to feel like she is mine though and for those who know me, you know I am very posessive of my things.

 Although I was not happy when she sat in my couch. WTH! She has a bed in every room of the house, why does she want to sit in MY couch?!
And while I am addressing injustices, I had to go to the New Mexican country club last weekend. For those of you familiar with Anne's country club in Oklahoma, you know there is nothing club-like about it. Let me tell you, the one here is even worse. I didn't take pictures, that's how awful it was. There were so many yippy chihuahaus that kept me up all night. And to top it off, the creature got to go visit Gram. Not fair!

Daddy felt really bad for me so I have been getting lots of attention lately. Somehow she always worms her way in on all of my attention though.

And finally, one of my more artistic photos, I call this pincher silhouette. Until next time...


Monday, October 15, 2012


I have to admit that I am actually starting to like the new pet. She is (kinda) fun. She gets down on the floor with me and waves her arms and kicks her legs at me and we play together. I've started giving her wet willies. There are very few creatures that I will give wet willies and she has now joined the circle.

This past week was kinda strange. There were all of these things hanging in the air every morning when I woke up. Daddy took me outside to check it out.

Then we got to see one of them come to the ground. All I cared is that this meant I got to go for a W-A-L-K. I did bark at the big things coming down though. One of them landed right in the middle of my neighborhood!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Last week was a little rough. Gram and Gramp were here so that was good but on top of this new creature, I had to go to the doctor. The doctor here in New Mexico is just as evil as the one in Oklahoma. They put this thing over my nose and during my shots I got so scared that I peed on the table. It was awful. My only saving grace is that the creature had to go to the doctor last week too!

We were both very tired afterwards. I guess we do have something in common because we both take lots of naps!

I am starting to become a little bit protective of her. I thought Gram and Gramp may take her with them but they left her so maybe she is here to stay. Here I am keeping an eye on her (I've been trying to sleep with one eye open). You just never know when she's gonna start making weird noises.