Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy holidays!

Hello friends, foes, and family. I got the chance to see most of you over the holidays, but if not I apologize. I am in quite high demand these days and I'm only one dog. Here I am being sweet to Daddy.

But I can also be very ferocious (as some of you already know). I was just playing in this picture though.

Mommy and I on Christmas morning. I was ready for my gifts. I got lots of yummy stuff in my stocking, too (much to Dixie's chagrin).

I was sorta good. Daddy said I got a C at Ferguson family Christmas. I'll take it. I let Aunt Leesa hold me for a little bit and I let Aunt Erin give me some kisses. I was not very nice to my great Uncle David and great Aunt Janet though. Mommy says to apologize. I do not see you very often so I'm sorry I did not behave. She tells me I'm scared. I deny I am scared of anything or anyone. I am a fierce beast.

Here I am with Gramp. He got me a new toy, a mini Rumble doll. The Thunder is my favorite team. I have been trying to become the Lightning mascot for some time now. I would wear a bolt and flash across the court at half time. Sam Presti, if you're reading this, please contact my mommy. Go Thunder!